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Honami Takase Ambler
Gender Female
Weapon Wand
Affiliation Astral
Family Ambler Family
Manga Yes
Anime Yes
Voice Actors
Japanese Kana Ueda
English None

Honami Takase Ambler is the granddaughter of one of Astral's founders, Hazel Ambler, the daughter of Darius Levi and a childhood friend of Itsuki. She is a Celtic mage.


A young girl with chestnut, shoulder-length hair and ice-blue eyes beneath her thin-edge frames. She is usually seen wearing her school uniform in school. However, when needed, she will put on a mantle and her large, pointed hat. She carries a wand made of oak and sometimes travel on an old broomstick. It was not known when she started wearing spectacles but when she was much younger, during the mansion incident where Itsuki got his Glam Sight, it was shown that she wasn't wearing any.


Honami is an Astral employee and Celtic magic and Witchcraft expert. As noted in episode 11, the strength of Honami's powers depends on the moon. While a full moon gives her great strength, a crescent moon gives her little strength. With her prodigious talent, the assistance of Fin Cruda and a strong desire to master her art, she managed to revive the lost art of the Druids in two short years, which could have taken decades to master.

While mastering the forgotten arts of the Celts, Honami learned various songs.These songs are equivalent to spells ranging from projectiles to summoning plants.

Mystical weaponsEdit

Honami is seen using stones from Wales to create shield or for sensing spell power. She uses her broom for transportation and incantation.


Honami was present when Itsuki's Glam Sight was tainted and feels a deep sense of guilt over the incident. In order to protect him, she wears a tough side in front of him but deep down she cares for him.

When she was about to compete for the top seat of the "Academy" in England with Goetia's current Master, Adilicia Lenn Mathers, she received news about Itsuki's transfer of management and inheritance of Astral and left school to return to Japan. Her first and foremost was to head for Astral, Itsuki's residence. She calls Itsuki 'Icchan' and is called 'Acchan' by him. She has a crush on Itsuki and is the first one to hit him when any other girl pays even the slightest romantic attention to him. In the anime, she fantasizes him as a prince on a white horse. She sits on his left in school.

Honami speaks in Kansai dialect and is somewhat a technophobic. Her room is like any ordinary girl's room and though she is good at cooking and cleaning, she is also known to leave her room in quite a messy state. She does fortune-telling and writes a magazine column as side jobs. Unofficially, she is Itsuki's secretary and tutor in all things magic-related.

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